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The Sickness Arrives...

Well it is definitely that time of year. Coughing, hacking, disgusting sounds coming from people all around you. There is no stopping it, it comes every year. About a month ago I got a cough and cold that wasn't too bad and I thought. "Well if that is all I get, I got lucky this year"...Silly man...That was just the beginning. So I barely get over that cough and BAM, my wife Tonia makes me sick again. OK, OK it was my fault but here it is again just the same.

So sickness hits everyone differently, and everyone deals with it differently. Tonia for instance, does not mess around. Yesterday she tells me that she is going to RediMed after work to get some medicine. I said get some for me too....she did not. OK, so I know it doesn't work that way, but that would be awesome. Why don't I go to the doctor??? I can't even answer that with one thing, It is probably multiple things: I don't think I have the time, I'm not that bad. I don't want to spend the money, All those really sick people are there, I can tough it through...the list is endless really. So what will happen is, Tonia will be better in three days and mine will carry on for 10 days because I have the temperament of a mule. Strong or may choose.

So here we go, game on! The only thing I can hope for is somehow this sickness helps me lose weight because that resolution is gone already. Pizza is so good...and Mexican...Fast Food is convenient too... Is it Feed a cold and Starve a fever or Starve a cold and Feed a fever... Whatever, life goes on and I will get better...Until the Next Sickness Arrives.

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