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I Am Amazon

Avengers End Game is a movie that my son Connor and I really love. If you follow the MCU you know that the ending of this movie is really about one person taking one for the team and in this situation, it ends badly for him. Before Iron Man saves the world....again....he utters words only ever spoken once before in all the Marvel Movies..."I am Iron Man"

I think even people that aren't Iron Man fans know that line, it has become iconic.

I start off with that to say that the other day someone referred to me as the Amazon of Insurance Agents. I laughed and said what do you mean. The answer was fairly simple and something I had never really thought about before. In the insurance world there are Captive Agents like State Farm or Farmers for example and there are Independant Agents like Archbold and Lewis Insurance. As a captive agent you have one choice for your customers and that choice would be insurance from your name brand, again like State Farm or Farmers. If the price in that company raises or they cancel or non-renew are out of luck. Imagine opening up your Amazon App and searching for a blanket and only one blanket option pops up....what if you don't want a red blanket!!!

That is where Archbold and Lewis comes in, as an Independent Agency we write for over 20 different companies. This way we work for you and not our name brand company. We can search for the best price, best coverage and biggest discounts for you and then let you make the choice. When you get a quote from us for auto, home or even life insurance, we put all the information in, similar to an Amazon Search Bar and out comes many different options for you....So again, now you have the CHOICE.

Imagine if the world didn't have options, you go to VRBO to book spring break and they say here you go, we have this one house available, or you stop by the bakery, and they have their cases filled with plain cake donuts...You will quickly decide that choices are GREAT... you can stay at a condo on the beach AND eat chocolate sprinkled donuts.

Now think about that with your insurance, you don't have to accept that rate increase, you don't have to accept that deductible. A simple call, message or text to us puts options back in YOUR hands. Don't just accept a choiceless world and take one for the team, put control back in your life. Let me snap my fingers and show you, because I guess.... "I Am Amazon".

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