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The Life That Is Not Your Own

Life insurance is probably the most important policy that I can offer someone and yet it seems like it is the hardest one for you the customer to buy. Why is that? Is it the cost, the time it takes to make it all happen or the thought of some kind of medical test?

Those are all things that happen yes but in the big picture they are not a big deal. The cost...How much do you spend everyday on lunch or coffee or "Add To Cart" purchases that get delivered in two days. Life insurance could cost as little as $10 a month or maybe a much larger policy might cost $50 or more a month. FIFTY DOLLARS... No Thank You...or Let me think about it...To never think about it again. Those are things I hear often. So realistically I spend $50 on Friday night eating Mexican or Pizza with my family. So it shouldn't be the money... it should be my priorities.

The time it takes. Well it does take a little bit of time, but in the big picture where you have that policy and pay the same price for it for the next 30 years....What is a few minutes here or there to get it done. I know I can make it as easy as possible for you. A few questions, email signatures and your off and running.

Medical tests...Ugh me too. What will they do, will I get the needle, will it be awkward. I don't have time for all of that. Did you know that most times they come to your house for that test and it takes just a few minutes??? Oh and it's free, it didn't cost you anything.

There really isn't a good reason not to have life insurance, even just a small policy. Think about your family...your kids...your spouse...What if all of a sudden you weren't there to take them to eat pizza Friday night. Could they still go...could the kids go to college...could they stay in the house you called a home. Take the time to shoot me a quick message and let's get this going... The life you are protecting is not your own.

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