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Fill The Keurig

Did you know that Seventy Four percent of adults in the United States drink coffee? I am one of those people that start my day out drinking a nice hot cup of joe, some may say I drink hot cream, but we all have our opinions…Needless to say, I am in the majority when it comes to choosing to caffeinate my body.

I was actually a very late bloomer when it came to drinking coffee. My first adult job after high school was at Rolf Heating and Air Conditioning in Fort Wayne. When I started, even though I had graduated high school, I was still only 17. I remember very clearly arriving there on my first day being shown around and was told this was our breakroom...there is coffee available in there every yourself. So, being new and seeing all these other guys with a Styrofoam cup walking around and talking I thought well "it's time"....that was the last cup of coffee I drank for at least 20 years. "Who would drink this stuff" I thought...the bitter first taste if not bad enough does not even compare to the long lasting after taste. 20 plus years later I found myself, now with a family in tow, starting at a new Church. As we were being shown around, we were shown the "breakroom" it has coffee and doughnuts available every yourself. Now doughnuts were no challenge but here I was again faced with a decision. All these other folks were sitting around with what the heck. When I went up to get a cup of coffee, I saw these little cups right beside it and it was French Vanilla Creamer, so I thought well let's give that a shot. I put two in, and as I sat down, I immediately realized two was not enough to take that taste away. After some trial and error, I soon found out that six.... Six was the magic number to make this hot cup of liquid.... delicious!! I was hooked!! I could not hardly wait for every Sunday where I would have a cup of delicious coffee...I was not yet a daily user. This would not take long though.

As with anything it seems like life teaches you to duplicate each day without straying too far from your "normal". What is normal though? Obviously, that is different for everyone, I may drink coffee with 6 creamers, but you may drink it black. Doesn't mean I'm right and your wrong...just different. In our everyday life as families, we get into habits also about what our job is. We have all seen the meme with a tree branch on the side of the road with a painted line that curves around it with the caption, "Not My Job."

Is it though??? How much longer could it take to do the right thing? When you are married or in a relationship it is about teamwork. That doesn't mean that we don't all have our roles but it also shouldn't mean that we can't break the norm. I had someone tell me just the other day that their husband said, " We sure have been filling up the kitchen trash can a lot lately" to which she responded, "it just seems that way because I am usually the one that takes it out and I have been sick!" I am sure we can all relate to this scenario in some way. I used to always put my dishes in the sink and .... magically they got cleaned and put away back in the cabinet the next day...but what if they didn't? What if the dishes kept piling up? What if the trash can just kept overflowing? What if you didn't have that other person to do their part all of a sudden?

Life Insurance is the most important policy I offer, and you would be surprised how many people do not have something....ANYTHING! It really is soooo cheap. Get it while you can afford to, before it costs too much or something happens to you that now you are not eligible for it. When you are in a relationship, when someone depends on you, be there for them! Be there when the worst possible thing has happened to you, make sure you have prepared to protect them, so they don't have to suffer financially as well as emotionally.

Be the best person you can be. Help each other out and do the little things.. Take out the trash when it's full, don't try and balance that can on the top, so it falls out for the next person that opens it...put your dishes in the dishwasher and for crying out loud....If the Blue Light is on....FILL THE KEURIG...We have coffee to drink!

If you are ready to see in seconds how little life insurance really can cost. Call me, DM me or even click this link and you will get an instant prices from several carriers without being put on some list. It's the only job you have:

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