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Black Lives Matter

What a year so far right? Covid 19 starts the year out with fear of an invisible virus with such fear that stores close, people stay home and the world comes to a stop. Next up Murder Hornets...well it sounded scary but that didn't last long. Now a black man is killed by a white cop and the next stage of this lunacy begins.

Rioting, Looting and Vandalism-"All Covered By Your Homeowners Insurance By The Way"- has begun. Windows of stores broken out that had nothing to do with this tragedy, now they will have to close down right after they were told they could open back up. Restaurants were vandalized, tables broken, chairs destroyed, I guess they too will stay closed longer. Looting...think of the Mom and Pop stores that had their stock stolen all because someone thought that it was owed to them. They were just barely making it anyway, now they have nothing to sell.

One step forward and Two steps back...I think we need to look at the tragedy that is going on right now and take action accordingly. I think Spock said it best in Star Trek II..."The Needs Of The Many Outweigh The Needs Of The Few...Or The One". We are killing ourselves, killing our country. Not allowing the GOOD public servants to do their job is a shame. Good people that put their life on the line everyday are even more at risk now. I am proud to be a Captain at the Ossian Fire Department and thankfully we are not directly seeing ramifications of these actions but others are. The Vandalism done to the Fallen Firefighters Memorial in Rochester New York is shameful. A memorial to those Brothers that lost their lives while selfishly helping others disgraced by "BLM" How did that vandalism possibly help George Floyd?

Black Lives Matter....Blue Lives Matter...ALL LIVES MATTER!

We all need to do our part and stand together... and... Make America Great Again!

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