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When Do I Have To List My Teen Driver On My Auto Insurance?

Oh to be a teenager again... A question I get asked all the time in the insurance world is "When do I have to list my teen driver on my auto insurance?" That answer depends on the company that you are insured with, so best to ask your own agent, but for the most part the answer I give, is not until they are actually licensed. So that means when they are driving with you and just have a permit they are still covered even though they aren't officially listed on your auto insurance.

Becoming a licensed driver at 16 is a BIG DEAL. Your first bit of freedom...Your first taste of responsibility. For most parents though it is a BIG WORRY... Will they be safe...Will they know what to do if they have an accident. Will everything be OK?!? The best thing you can do is educate them, spend time asking them "What If"...In the end you have to just... Let Go. You remember...Like your parents did...When there was no cell phones...No Social Media...And No Life 360...How did they even do it?!?

How much does it cost to add my son or daughter on to my auto policy...Another question I hear often. That answer depends on a lot more, like do you have a home and auto discount, have you had accidents or speeding tickets, are they a good student or have they had drivers training? A lot goes into that answer...What I CAN tell you is that at Archbold and Lewis Insurance the fact that we write insurance for over 20 different carriers is to your benefit...If there is a better, less expensive place to have your auto insurance now that you have a teen driver...We will find it!

It's the circle of life isn't it...Once upon a time it was you doing doughnuts in the school parking lot or cruising through town over and over and over again. Accidents happen, cars get damaged...Just pray they are safe... for the rest of your life. The shoe is definitely on the other foot now..."How did Mom and Dad do it?" Oh to be a teenager again...

If you are ready to see other auto insurance options because you have a new teen driver and you have sticker shock...Send me an email to: or Click "Get Quote Now" to Start Saving Money

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